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Member Guide

This page aims to guide members through the process of updating field status.

How the website works

This website relies on input from you. When you enter details via your districts entry page, information is updated instantly on the website.

Information is updated easily.

Getting access

Data is entered into the website via the members input area.

To access the members area, click the member login link:

Entering the members area.

After clicking the 'Member Login' link you will be presented with the login page. You will be required to enter a username and password that you will have recieved in an email from us.

The login page.

It is important to note that passwords require at least one special character (`,@,*,$, etc). This will become important if you decide to change your password.

Once logged in you will have more options available to you.

The added member options.

Clicking 'Enter members area' will bring you to the members input area...

The members input area

The members area consists of two main sections, the table that holds all field information, and the 'update all fields' section which when used will fill all fields in the table with the same value.

The two main areas of the members page.

Inputting data for the first time

To input data simply input field information into the bottom of the table.

Enter data into the bottom of the table.

Once your data has been updated, click 'Add' to update the website. Note the order you add the fields is irrelevant as they will automatically be displayed in alphabetical order on the website.

Adding, editing or deleting data can be done at any time, 24 hours a day, any day.

It may save time if you add all fields for your area at once, and simply edit them as fields status changes.

Further information

We have aimed to make things as user friendly as possible. If you experience difficulties or would like answers to questions please cotact us via the