is the game on?

My area isn't displayed!

This website relies on input from people within your district who have access to ground closures. Your local Council may know of somebody in a position to update this site.

If your district is not displayed on this website, and you would like it to be, you can ask your local Council if they are able to find somebody to update this website. There is no cost involved.

I want to add ground closures for my area

To add information for your district, you have to be in a position where you have access to up-to-date ground closures.

If you believe you do, contact us via our feedback form or by email, you will need to leave your contact details. From there we will be in contact with you and give you the access codes needed to update the website.

If you are a member of a Council even better. Your web team will be able to take your input from this website, and feed it directly to your Councils website via the RSS feed.